International Ocean Freight

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Sea freight options are ideal when time is not the issue and you want to send heavyweight or bulky items overseas economically. Heavy items are sometimes not cost-effective to send by air, and freight forwarding by sea from the UK is often a suitable alternative.

If you do not need to send your delivery to its destination urgently, a sea shipment is a great option because you will save a significant amount on your delivery.

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Ocean Freight

Sea/Ocean freight is one of the best ways of transporting goods around the world. It is quite safe and offers many advantages. Large size or volume of goods can be easily transported via waters in a very cost-effective manner all over the world being compliant with modern environmental policies.

It is used extensively for the transport of bulk commodities such as agri-products (rice, wheat, etc.), coal, and iron ore or for wet bulk goods such as crude oil and petroleum. Depending upon the sensitivity on time, large odd shaped goods like engines or propellers or other goods can be transported by sea. 

Transportation by sea is recognized as a more environmentally friendly option compared to the other.


Some of the key benefits of ocean/sea freight include


Most apt for a wide range of products with long lead times

Large bulk volumes. A single, ultra-large container ship can carry over 20,000 (20ft) equivalent units (TEU)

Most environmentally friendly among all modes of transportations

Economical. Liner shipping is the most efficient mode of transport for large goods

Extensive coverage across the world

Numerous carrier options for the shippers

Sea Cargo is a less expensive mode of shipping goods, but the drawback is longer transit time.

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