Corporate Relocation

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Corporate Relocation Services

Relocating a corporation is not an easy thing to do. But if you work with the experts at Dunes Cargo , corporate relocation service provider this process becomes a lot more affordable and hassle free. You can rely on us even for bank services and school services. We will move your files and folders carefully and without damaging your archive. Because we understand how important it is to have your bank statements or school archive moved safely, we are not taking any risks. We will also move your bank data into your new location in the shortest time! So, there are many reasons to count on our services as you are relocating your corporation!

Corporate Relocation Services

Many of our corporate clients require assistance with their on-boarding and relocation forecasting and so we consequently provide tailored end-to-end management and relocation solution packages including:

  • Home moving support and shipment tracking
  • Employee immigration and family visa procedures
  • Employee relocation program
  • Audit and management control
  • Cost estimates
  • Annual reporting
  • One point of contact 

Our services don’t just end in the UAE. We understand that our clients often need to send their employees around the world and we are still here to assist you !

  • We specialise in providing you with straight forward and cost effective relocation solutions for your corporate requirements
  • Our priority is to minimise the time, energy and financial resources of your company and your employees.
  • Tailored end-to-end management and relocation solution packages

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