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At the point when you have a dependable logistics company, the cycle of car relocation is regularly more secure, faster, and a more cost-effective option. Regardless of whether you are moving to a close by country or an alternate state, Dunes Cargo is here to help! Depending upon the location that the vehicle is being moved to and client preference, we have a few answers for see the relocation process to completion.

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We can relocate your car to another country

If you are leaving the country you reside and want to take your vehicle permanently to another  country across the seas . We make Car Relocation possible across countries. When you move or relocate from one location to another we at Dunes Cargo help you to relocate your vehicle also. 

If you want to take your vehicle along with you for a temporary period to another country and bring it back we can service your requirement . Being an  experienced car relocation service provider  , we shall evaluate your vehicle and appraise you of the  procedures for moving vehicles from one country to another by ship through containers.


Why Choose us for Car Relocation?

Professional expertise and Standard Safety procedures of Dunes Cargo Car Carrier Services makes us a trusted brand in Car Relocation Services. Our safety precaution procedure include the best practises of Lashing, Dunnage, Ramps, Wheel Chocks and so on. Our highly trained staff will ensure that your vehicle will reach the destination at its best condition itself.

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What our client testified...

When i wanted to send my vehicle from UAE to Spain , DUNES cargo made that possible . Received my SUV in top condition . You can always recommend team Dunes for car relocation.

Mr Rayco Gracia ( Spanish Football Player)
CEO - RG consultants & Sports