Benefits of FCL Shipping in UAE

Benefits of FCL Shipping

FCL Shipping benefits FCL Shipment is a kind of Shipment where an entire container is used up without sharing the space with others. When exporters and importers deal with large cargo, FCL is an option preferred by most of them. What is FCL Shipping? FCL Stands for Full Container load. This kind of shipment is […]

Pros and Cons of LCL Shipping UAE

Pros and Cons of LCL Shipping

LCL Shipping, Advantages and Disadvantages You may not be aware, but most of products you buy have most probably come through a ship. Such is the importance of container shipping in our world. If one does not have enough goods for a whole container, the next option is to go for an LCL Shipping, i.e. […]

Jumbo Box Cargo to India

Introducing DUNES JUMBO

Introducing Dunes Jumbo Dunes Jumbo is the, new premium Jumbo Box Cargo service by Dunes Relocations, Cargo & Shipping. We are planning to offer high quality premium yet affordable service with this new service. Dunes Cargo has been a trusted service provider in the Jumbo Box Cargospace. With years of experience Dunes Cargo has become […]