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Welcome to the Best Shipping Company in UAE !

Dunes Cargo has hands-on management, local port knowledge and experience, and expresses a desire to build a long – lasting service relationship. We always try to go the extra mile to make sure that your shipments arrive / depart on time.

Started in 2005, Dunes Cargo has gained a reputation in the Cargo Industry for its quality works and professional service. 

Our network relations are trusted with international counterparts across the globe who are equally dedicated to serving your interests. Our team of experienced professionals in all aspects of the freight forwarding process including import and export documentation requirements for all types of cargo.

Our Mission

  • Fast ServiceGetting your cargo delivered in the committed time
  • 100% AccuracyAccurate Delivery of your shipping requirements
  • Safety & GuaranteeSafest Shipping procedures are followed

When it comes to choosing a Shipping company one needs to look at the years of expertise the company has in that field. Every time we associate with a client we try our best to listen and  understand them better than anyone. what they really need their expectations . We deliver what we promise. 


Our team in Dunes Cargo, understand the quickly changing needs of supply chains as they send and receive freight between their suppliers, distribution agents and customers. Our mission is to provide the best level of customer service all the time. Our supply chain and transportation agents mutually agree that quality service differentiates us from our competition.We are is your leading choice to optimise and integrate your complete supply chain management. Our integrated approach and a wide range of capabilities, in turn, will leverage your company to the next level and streamline your entire transportation department , we customise a complete supply chain solution solely for your company. By choosing us to handle your logistics and supply chain management services.


Every industry has their own particular logistics requirements and needs. Along with our professional team, we have an extensive network of on-the-ground logistics specialists in all corners of the world; always ready to help you with your supply chain and transport requirements. Both our global and local experts understand your business so as to meet your individual logistics needs.You can be sure that our local experts are on hand to help; ensuring that all cargos reaches their destination, on time and in budget, and that your supply chain is optimised to its fullest. Our range of services are air freight, ocean freight, landside services, inbound transportation management, finished goods warehousing and distribution, supply chain design and optimisation, green supply chain management, end-to-end supply chain management and end-to-end supply chain visibility through integrated information management.


Freight forwarding, in simple words is the coordination and shipment of cargos from one place to another by a single or multiple carriers like air, sea or land. The relevance for freight forwarding for global trade was recognised in Canada in 1948 that ‘forwarding’ whether by land, sea or air requires coordination, regulation and standards for the best practices to ensure that goods are delivered on time. Forwarding are an efficient and cost-effective option for the transfer of goods that are maintained in good condition throughout their course of travel. We at Dunes Cargo, manages this by the logistics necessary to ensure that goods arrive on time. We manage the risks and benefits of shipping both domestic and international using the latest information technology.

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